Multi Burn Biomass Cooking Stove Wood Pellet Rocket Stove Wok Station TLUD Gasifier

This is a stove I made to efficiently cook with biomass. The basket insert shown is for wood pellets but it can use other combustibles such as wood chips, sticks, charcoal and biomass briquettes etc. Several different burn baskets inserts are in the works including the other one shown that will have a bellows hook up in a future video and perhaps an alcohol insert too. I find wood pellets to be a great advantage because they burn hot and steady for at least 30 minutes with one charge. Fresh pellets can be loaded in the coal catch pot which preheat, begin to burn and can then be used to "top up" giving you continuous cooking. A thin high carbon wok is very efficient by itself but watch through to the end of the video you can use pots, pans, Dutch ovens etc. Anyway, let me know what you think and I would appreciate it if you take a moment to visit my channel, rate and subscribe. Figured I would show the backyard homemade wind turbine too since it was making so much noise on this windy day. Thanks for watching!
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