My ammo can stove. A homemade wood stove (rocket stove) with a secondary burn system.

This is a video of my DIY ammo can stove. This mini homemade wood stove can burn wood without producing smoke thanks to its secondary burn system and insulated burn chamber.

You can buy these ammo cans here: http://fave.co/2kKKPN2 - amazon link

Due to its large primary air intake pipe and its rockwool filled, double skinned construction, this ammo can stove also functions as a 'rocket stove'. Once is is up to its working temperature, fuel can be added without having to open the door of the stove.

This ammo can stove is tiny, easily portable, cheap to build, and yet burns wood so efficiently that it produces virtually no smoke.

(In an inefficient stove the smoke emitted is indicative of unburnt fuel, which results in wasted energy. This stove burns at a very a high temperature and this, coupled with its superheated secondary air system, ensures this smoke is fully combusted before leaving the flue, increasing efficiency and reducing pollution.)

This kind of small homemade wood stove is ideal for many uses: camping, fishing, heating any small space etc. (Carbon Monoxide can KILL: beware of this with any open flame)

With the addition of a copper coil around the flue, this mini wood burner could be used to heat water via simple thermosyphoning process. This could provide hot water for showers etc. in remote off-grid locations (as well as boats, RV's, tiny homes etc.).

I have no idea if there will be any interest in this DIY wood stove... I have an improved version (which would be my 3rd prototype) in my mind that I will make one day and I can make a video showing you exactly how to make one of these yourself. (These stoves are very cheap and easy to build.)

If you want me to do this then please tell me in the comments section below the video.

Once I get 100 comments asking me to make the ammo can stove build video, I'll do my best to prioritise this project and make the new stove and put the video on my YouTube Channel for you. (This may take quite a while as I have a very busy life!)

Thank you very much indeed for watching. If you enjoyed this video then please share it with your friends!

If you want more information then check out my website post about this stove: http://randomchris.com/randomness/my-ammo-can-stove-homemade-wood-stove-rocket-stove-with-secondary-burn-system/

***UPDATE*** I have now uploaded a video where I describe how I built this Mk II Ammo Can Rocket Stove: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUz6Ai2yAxE

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