My first Bedini SSG

This is my first Bedini SSG. sorry for the english, i was so nervous because this is my first time to talk here in youtube. I am also not a talkative person. I just want to credit all those people who helped me build this device.

battery b = charging battery.
hard disk platter as my rotor.
alambre = its like a soft steel
as the rotor increase it speed, the mA also increase..

anyway i would like to say thank you to Lidmotor, shanrenn, skycollection7, marthale7, timh39 for the tip/help you gave me, also thanks to bedini-monopole3 yahoo group and energetic forum for the schematics and valuable information. and lastly, of course thank you to Mr. Bedini for his SSG.

any tip on improving this device? i am planning to add more coils, maybe 3 coils with bifiliar winding using no. 23 wire, and all of those coils will be slave for my triggering coil.

do you think guys will my magnets suffice when i add 3 more coils? its a little compared to the recommended size of magnet.

thank you all
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