My first copper coil alcohol burner

I decided to try to make a copper coil alcohol burner after watching a few vids. here is my first attempt (and sucess) to make it I used:

1) 10" - 12" piece of narrow copper tubing, 1/8"ID I think
1) small jar, think it was roasted garlic, be sure to wash it well
1) small spring from a ball point pen, for a flame catcher
3) small pieces of wick. I used 3 strands of kevlar fire wick for fire poi.
a hand drill with one 3/8" drill bit for the lid, and one 1/16" bit for vapor vents
solder and a soldering iron or propane torch, I used 60% tin/40% lead solder & propane heat
a small file and a thumb tack to make the opening for the flame jet

I had a 10" piece of 1/8"ID copper tubing laying around so I carefully bent it by hand. you can use sand inside to ensure the copper doesn't crimp but I didn't. after I had the coil I trimmed the two ends even with a pipe cutter. then I used a hand drill and appropriate sized drill bit to make the two holes in the lid. then I used a file to thin the wall of the coil where I was gonna make the flame apperature, and pierced it with a thumb tack. be sure not to file too far through or the coil is ruined, you need a good aperature. I then soldered the coil in place with the propane torch. next I made the 2 vapor vents just above the fuel surface line when it is full. this is for easy starting. when you turn it up side down the fuel enters the holes easily. next insert 1 strand of wick in each legg of the coil. this should go in till about the beginning of the bend in the coil next stretch the spring a bit, slide in the third wick down the center of the spring and slide it down the gap in the coil. trim the wick. this will catch the first pit of flame and keep it going with minimal relights. then I filled it and lit it. I had to adjust the flame catch a few times and I ended up drilling my aperature pointing to one side but it was close enough to straight up it still warmed the coil and burnt vigorusly, the vid has no sound so ya can't ear it roaring away. thanks hope you have as good of luck as I did. from what I hear most of them don't work your first time;

I got most my info from the uploader lebammabel, and their vid "Making coil pipe alcohol stove" thanks again
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