My 'free energy' RF harvester.

Note: I misspoke at one point in this video - said 'volt' when it should be 'milivolt.' Only off by a factor of a thousand. It'll max out at 13 millivolts, not 13 volts!

It's a bit more efficient than a crystal radio, and it does work. Just needs refinement. A very simple circuit to harvest energy from radio waves. With a bit more work it could maybe run a microcontroller in sleep, or flash an LED. Really I just want to show up those free energy crackpots. Mine at least works! I think I can up the efficiency a bit yet, but it'll never be a practical power source.

Before anyone asks, yes, I have verified the capacitors charge even with no instruments connected. It's not just drawing power from my multimeter somehow. I shall continue to experiment, see it I can get it up to 10 microamps! Just waiting for some new diodes to try. I think electrolytics are a poor choice of capacitor too, too much ESI and too much leakage.
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