MY Lawton / Meyers Replication! Pt 2

- Normal Tap Water!
- 12VDC from a switching power supply
- About 600mA at start of test
- Cell is about 2.8VDC
- Cell is SS tube...kinda small, but i am broke :)
- Top of chamber opacity high within seconds
- Dave Lawton Style PWM
- 100 turn Bifilar coil
- The extra board is the Optoisolator to protect my PWM...i killed 2 555's and some resistors already!!
- NO cell conditioning! I will take test to see if the conditioning makes more gas or not.

the outter tube is:
OD: 0.438
ID: 0.377
6" long

the Inner tube is:
OD: 0.311
ID: 0.255
7" long

Both are 304SS, yes they do have a welded seam down the center.
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