My new hho DRYCELL project #2 Electrical efficiency

This is an idea of mine to increase electrical efficiency. I dont want to drill holes in the bottom of the plates so instead I have a idea for using stainless steel basketball needle.

I flattened it out and water seems to flow thru pretty good..So i think it will work..
It will be constructed with a 3/4" this piece of pvc or acrylic .
I will have 30 of them staggered one for each plate gap .I will have the one main hole then have all the needles connected to it then going out the end to my connection point ..

This is just an idea .When I complete my cell I will make a video showing my results wether they be good or wether they be bad....

I will be documenting this whole process .
Thanks for watching any input from YOU HHO MASTERS would be appreciated...
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