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My Nickel Iron Battery Solar Setup...

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This is my nickel iron solar setup... its a 12v 10 cell array using a normal 300w panel and a mppt charger to lead acid battery... but that's powering a dc to dc charger turning a 12v supply to a 14v battery charge voltage... this a completely temporary setup... I would be getting a outback inverter charger to set the correct battery voltages and possible solar mppt charger (outback version as they seem to allow you to set charging voltages up to 17v)
In theory I could use a dc to dc converter to turn the 30 plus Volts from the solar panel to a charging voltage of 14.5v but I made the mistake of buying a boost converter... There are many different dc to dc converters and I brought the wrong one... Make sure to buy a buck converter or dc to dc step down converter, to step down 30v to a usable 14.5 battery charge voltage... The largest one I could see is a 200w unit on eBay....


Note i have tried to get a step down voltage converter and that had failed as it was too much current for it to handle...

However I now since found a mppt charger that can be programed to supply a 15.5v charge voltage for these batteries or higher up to 17v... (so I am saving up to buy a unit and make a video when I get this item)

For more of my ongoing progress see my face book group for more minor changes of my setup... Hopefully I can buy a inverter and perhaps a alternative solar charger, or a dc freezer, or a dc heat-pump etc etc...


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