My Replication of Stanley Meyer's Patent # 5,149,407

This is the replication of the very basic hydrogen fuel cell and its operation, as described in the patent. The electronics ,though not exactly true to Stan's description, is what is available at this moment( in Stan's lectures he alluded to the electronics would have to be customized to the application). Much of Stan's work is represented inversely to what it actually is and does. I was a Doubting Thomas originally, until I actually started studying his "Birth of a New Technology" document, as well as other documents. I started to understand the state of Stan's mind and why he was so paranoid about losing his patents and their IP. Much of what Stan published in his patents is the opposite to how it actually all works. It also takes a fair understanding of math, specifically calculus, physics, electrostatics, electromagnetic theory, organic chemistry, electro-chemistry, molecular physics and electronics. Also the ability to bring it altogether into a coherent theory. Stan spent a inordinate amount of time studying and forming his theory of operation. He spent a fair amount of money to bring this about. I do not believe he is / was a fraud. I do believe he spread disinformation to protect his IP, through his patents. He was not trying to be deceptive with the intent to defraud. He did say in one of his lectures, "That it would not be him that brings this technology to the world, but it would be you and I". I do believe hydrogen holds the answer to our energy related issue's. I am not a disinformation broker, I am just telling people what I have observed in the functional technical descriptions in many of his patents. Stan left out many critical numbers and graph's that should have had numbers assigned to them to better understand what he was doing, again to protect his IP ( intellectual property). I do not expect you to agree with me, but I expect you to respect me when and if you leave any comments, questions or statements. Do not use profanity or vulgar language, as you will be deleted and blocked. I expect people to be civilized.
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