My second GEET running a garden mulcher

This is my second geet build. This one mostly follows Dan Eastons design. Thanks Dan for your support in this project. Once again, everything you see here cost less than 100 dollars. I bought the rotohoe for 20 dollars as a bucket of rust. I cleaned it up with a wire wheel. I primed and painted it using cans of paint i got for 50 cents each at a garage sale. I didn't choose the colors but they turned out nice together. I greased the bearings and set the stop inside to prevent the branch blade from hitting each rotation. This greatly stabilized the whole machine. The engine is from the generator i bought for twenty bucks.I did have to buy a pully at full price of 8 dollars. It kills me to pay full price for something but i needed to get this gizmo running. I will buy a new belt brand new, safety first. God has commanded me to feed his people. So that is what I shall do.
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