Navshakti Renewal Energy Device - Biomass Smokeless Gasifier Stove

In 2012, the Group made a foray into clean energy in its company, Navitas Green Power, which is focused on providing relief from the increasing cost of cooking fuel and the health hazards associated with it. Navitas shall provide offerings in clean cooking, space heating, water heating and clean combustion. On the clean cooking landscape, the Group has designed advanced institutional Navshakti biomass smokeless gasifier cookstoves (renewable energy device) which would transform the existing cooking dynamics across the HORECA segment (hotels, restaurants catering, corporate kitchens, dhabas, etc). These cookstoves would be serviced by Livgreen solid bio-fuel from agri-residues. The usage of a combination of Navshakti cookstoves and Livgreen solid bio-fuel reduces cooking fuel costs to less than 50% vis-a-vis existing costs of LPG. (Kindly refer attached product leaflet for details on product and fuel)
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