Nazi Flying Saucers! (Magnetic Vortex Motor - Part 5)

The Nazi Flying Saucers are not a myth. They are real. During the second world war the allies called them "Foo Fighters" since they glowed in color but had not yet developed conventional weapons that could exist within the high electrostatic field of the ships propulsion system without having its ammunition explode.

In 1931 the Nazi's achieved their first successful test run of their Bell Experiment or Die Glocke. The Bell spins liquid mercury so fast that it can be likened to the creation of an artificial black hole. In the presence of a strong magnetic field and using many millions of volts of electricity, liquid mercury can be spun "theoretically" to very close to the speed of light. Black holes have the ability to bend space and time and create portals through time and space. The conventional laws of physics no longer apply and gravity bending (negation) becomes possible.

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