New Fukushima disaster not reported.

The huge new leak of radioactive water from Fukushima into the ocean
on 4-4-12, is not being reported in the US press,...
to try & protect the nuclear corporate investments.

After the gas pipe explosion in San Bruno, Calif, many people who lost their homes want to build houses that are 100% solar.
Home owners can get paid $500. a month from PG&E for feeding solar energy into the grid.

As goes Germany, so goes Japan, California, Cuba & the world.
My friends are afraid the US will attack Iran in October 2012, so peace candidate Obama can win the election again.
That may happen, but I am working to install as many millions of solar panels in Japan as I can.

I have selected a family near Fukushima who I am sending $5,000. to so they can install 30 solar panels.
I raise money in San Francisco daily, to send to buy panels for this family.
So they can began harvesting solar & feeding it onto the grid.
So the family can begin making $500. a month from the new
Feed In Tariff in Japan.
This law will create 100,000 family solar energy producers,
who will soon replace the big 4 nuclear power companies.
This is what happened in Germany.
Because there are 100,000 family solar farms in Germany now in 2012, who make as much energy as half the nukes in Germnay,
so now Germany can & did shut down half its nukes.

This is how we in the US can close all the nukes in the US.
First you have to install 10 solar panels on your roof,
then pass a Feed In Tariff in your state,
so solar harvest workers get paid .35 /kWh for solar energy
you feed onto the grid.
You can make $500. a month harvesting solar energy.
Why settle for zero payments from the utilities?

If we demand to be paid an income from our investments,
we can get paid.
Just like homeowners in Germany get paid $500. a month
for selling solar energy onto the grid.

Feed in Tariff guarantees anyone can feed solar energy
onto the LA grid & get paid .30 c kWh,
for 20 years.
There can be no cap on how many can feed into the grid.
There can be no quota.

The feed in tariff is the greatest job creator in history.
This can stop climate crisis.

We are in a race against time.
This has to be the main priority.
SF Mayor Ed Lee is thinking about this.

People do not understand the crisis.
People fear they can't change City Hall from going the wrong way.
We can run California 100% from Solar & renewables.

The new electric car has a huge battery, which will run your house forever, as long as you get sun on your solar panels 3 days a week.
Add a wind mill, for night time energy and you have power forever.

1- People prefer an old chair, an old system. They see it as dependable. People think nuclear, oil, coal & wood, "work" now. They think,
"Solar is too little too late." Which is wrong.

They fear Solar may not be able to replace nukes.
But Germany has proved, since 2001 & 2010 that it works.
Example: People vote for incumbants, even when they see the candidate did nothing while elected. They fear new things or new ideas.

2 - People say, "Change can only take place if the big corporations do it first."

3 - People say, "Big is best. Small is weak, bad, too little." They feel a large scale solar farm, owned by a rich man, is better.
They don't yet see how their own 10 roof top solar panels will be able to power their house.
Germany now has thousands of house that make twice as much energy as they use. So they feed the surplus onto the grid to power steel mills to make wind mills.
Or they want to phase out nukes slooooooowly.
Very sloooooowly. They don't yet understand that we can convert to 100% solar power in one year.
Do a Manhatten Solar Project now.
Industrialize solar power now.
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