New Gasket Making for Hydrogen Cells

When making hydrogen cells, either hho cells or separator cells, a number of gaskets are required.
These can easily be made and made quick and accurately by use of a gasket cutting jig as shown on this video.
The jig is made from two pieces of steel plate that are drilled together and dowel pinned to keep the hole locations accurate. A punch made from silver steel is used to punch the holes in the neoprene sheet.
Almost anyone can make a jig like this to suit the gasket that they need.
Learn how to make a set of gaskets the easy and accurate way for hydrogen cells or anything that needs a neoprene gasket.
The tools are simple and can be made by most people quite easily and the results are very accurate and quick. Not suitable for doing just a few gaskets, but if you have a need for many and don't want to pay the high fees for a water jet cut gasket, then this is the way to go.
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