New generation coil compaired to standard coil. Better then a Bedini coil hybrid not an SEG.

Bedini coils do not output enough power for the needs behind this drive for Off Grid power systems and clean renewable energy. The Promise was great but has limitations because of Lenz law Ohms Law and power to ration dynamics. SEG devices proved that low input could retain more output from the main mover part. How ever still are restrained in the power production area.
An advancement in charge capability's with less materials and more generated power Can and will change the way we look at these systems in the future.
IN this video we are testing this first step into this new future developing power system. In this test the prime mover is replaced with a stable AC drive source. The reason for replacing the Pulse style systems is basic and fundamental to a standard testing method.
Replacing the DC Pulse with a AC Drive provides us the ability to overcome the Lenz effect of other testing coils made in conventional ways and test direct with the new V-Coil.
SO with no changes in RPM from the lenz caused by standard coils we are free to focus on the power readings on the testing table. Standard coils to our own V-Coil.

I have taken some heat about changing this to an AC motor but when you think about it to give solid power related test you must test from a stable non changing rotor speed. and that is what this set up offers.

Now I have decided to take this to the extreme and make a new generator test platform to prove the point that the main mover does not matter with my coils (V-Coil). Do to the fact that Lenz no longer puts the breaks on the power generated in my V-Coil.
In fact it uses lens to produce more power and no resistance factors to the drive rotor or main mover.
NO LENZ EFFECT on the rotor? Yes it is a huge claim but compared to other coils that will stop a rotor dead we can prove in later videos that we do not have this effect on the rotors in our systems.
In this way fields of generation are again opened up for Wind Solar and Water, Steam or any main moving rotating source.

Even Solid state radiant charging systems may benefit from the new V-coil and its potential change in the way power is produced.

The Rotor and drive system are crude in the video a step back in time to the stone age maybe but this was intentional for the first set of testing to ground the results in a clear foundation that it really does not matter on the prime mover just the power output once again.

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