Nikola Tesla Secret Source of Free Electricity Harvest Electricity From Radio Waves

How to build your own Tesla coil!
Nikola Tesla was the scientist who invented most of the ways we create and use electricity today. Before he died he invented a way to harvest electricity from "thin air" utilizing the negative and positively charged ions layered within the earth's atmosphere. This video demonstrates the concept of Nikola Tesla's discovery by capturing radio waves with simple antenna wire and a simple circuit board, creating enough electricity out of thin air to charge a cell phone.

Not only is this cell phone charger charging up his cell phone for free, it is portable and can be used anytime, anywhere, on a camping trip or top of a mountain if need be!

All for only $2 worth of supplies, less than your current cell phone charger costed you, (you know, the one that costs you even more every time you plug it in to charge your phone?)

You can build bigger ones, large enough to power a large freezer (never lose food to an electricity outage again!) using the the instructions here: http://bit.ly/1cX4ald

How many appliances and electrically powered items in your home could you build a $2 energy source for, and watch your electric bill disappear completely from your monthly bills? Lose your dependency on electric company workers to keep those lines up and running, and never pay for electricity again.

Your welcome. :)

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