Nikola Tesla's "Wonder World" of Electricity 1915 - Tesla predicts Hydro Power & Demand Response

Nikola Tesla's "Wonder World" of Electricity - Senate Energy Bill 2016 & FERC Order 745 Demand Response. Tesla predicts Hydro power as the most valuable and as a battery backup & free water use. California ISO approves grid enhancements to support energy storage, demand response, frequency regulation and efficiency. Texas' grid of tomorrow may include batteries - Houston Chronicle After oregon standoff, Oregon dam gates get damaged. Dam repairs needed at Cougar Dam east of Eugene will drop reservoir’s seasonal level. Egypt pulls out of regional power pool, protests use of Nile waters hydropower | Business World News 2016-02-06 --- Top 100 Renewable Energy, Demand Response, Frequency Regulation technologies: 100+ ways to use or harvest radiant energy for use at night time or when needed: wave energy hybrids, wind to hydrogen, wind and static electricity, solar heating and cooling, solar thermal de-salination, solar treatment and desalination, forward osmosis, hybrid de-salination, solar thermal desalination with chemical extraction, thermal storage/district heating, solar cell capacitors, P2G power to gas, solar to hydrogen, solar concentrator to strotinum + CO2 + molten salt dual-turbine for 24 hour storage, Tesla’s “Nitrogen fixation” from the air for use in Agriculture, energy to CO2 and methanol and methane, solar glowing wallpaper, catalyst to hydrogen, solar and ambient powered sensors, solar concentrators with molten salt with ceramic or concrete additives, solar water pumping, solar water filter, floatovoltaics to prevent evaporation or water treatment with efficiency gains of 10-60%, inertial batteries, kinetic energy batteries, mechanical battery, flywheel batteries, windmill battery, or Ferris wheel battery, compressed air hyper-loop evacuated tube compressed air hybrid, frequency regulation debate, frequency regulation for old batteries, ice energy / ice storage, cold storage, train gravity, regenerative traction battery, day-time chemical conversion from benzene to hydrocarbons, day-time chemical conversion to phosphates, Si-GaAs for chemical fuels, Solar to Salt, night-time ultra-violet rays, using Tesla’s Mica and Tin up to 8% UV solar radiation at night, day-night printed solar wallpaper, wireless lights running off of wall-paper, solar-wind hybrid drapes, solar roads, solar-kinetic roads, light-changing solar paint, day or night solar windows, night-time UV bug zapper, indoor lighting photo battery, night-time concentrated ambient light, ambient radio waves to DC, always-on radio wave power, storing ambient body movement or heat, piezoelectric and electroactive polymer energy, piezoelectric and kinetic, night-time IR nano-antenna’s, static compensators (STATCOM), hybrid solar + graphene battery, fuel-free nano-motor powered by ultra-sound and magnetic fields, atomic harvesting from low-level radioactive Radium, cryogenic using liquid air, no resistance superconducting magnet storage, Tellurium transformation, nuclear power plants as the electrical grid and frequency regulation ballast. Aviation Week’s UAV’s atmospheric satellites, solar hybrid balloons, airborne wind energy, electric hot air balloon, Kite-born wind energy, Nikola Tesla’s tethered balloon, wireless airship, wireless power. Marconi/Tesla (AEG) Telefunken Station of 1917 allegedly being used to send war communications and wireless power to Germany’s wireless u-boat submarine, German balloon with tether in WW1/WW2, French and Italian balloons with tether in WW1/WW2 to protect the Royal Navy, or Tesla’s balloon and cable. Nikola Tesla “electric ray” for u-boat submarine detection. Electrical Experimenter 1918-1919. May 25th 2015 “swelling magnets” exhibit over-unity energy harvesting. June 24th 2015 SiliconReef offers analog and mixed-signal design services, has introduced its first product, a power management IC for solar energy harvesting applications up to 90% efficiency.
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