NiTiNOL Spring Engine Generator Design Memory Metal

This video demonstrates the NiTiNOL springs, and discusses plans I am thinking about for building a large NiTiNOL engine for 24/7 365 power for my aquaponics greenhouse. NiTiNOL (Nickel Titanium) is a great useful metal, that has not found as much use as it could mainly because of the price (it is apparently hard to make). But it has been known for decades that you can make engines based on this shape-memory alloy that harvest thermal energy from relatively low temperature sources, and could be used to recycle a lot of wasted heat in an industrialized civilization. NiTiNOL engines can take advantage of weaker heat sources differences more easily than a Stirling engine (they fill a similar role to Stirling engines, running on any heat source).
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