No, you can't run your car on water - it's a scam

I'm sick and tired of seeing people ripped off by one of the biggest scams on the internet today.

Despite what these snake-oil merchants claim, you simply can not improve your car's fuel efficiency by using electrolysis to create hydrogen gas under your car's hood. and are just two of the websites perpetrating this fraud. Learn more about why these schemes can't possibly work and just why so many people are claiming it does.

Visit: for the full story.

And if you think you can demonstrate that an HHO system is able to provide consistent fuel savings of 25% or more, don't forget to enter the great One Million Dollar HHO Challenge.

It's time for the scammers to put-up or shut-up.

If there are no entrants then it's clear that even the scammers admit, you can't run your car on water after-all.
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