Ocean wave plant destroyed by winter storm

Ocean wave plant at Toftestallen in Øygarden outside Bergen - Norway was finished in 1985 but destroyed by a winter storm in 1988.

The tapchan wave plant consists of a sloping funnel shelved between narrowing walls (a tapered channel) that focuses the energy of incoming surge waves and transforms it into potential energy by bring seawater up a ramp and into of a reservoir built into the cliff a few meters above sea level. As the incoming waves move up the channel, they increase in height and eventually wash over the lip of the channel and into the reservoir. As the water is fed back to the sea through a pipe, the potential energy contained in the reservoir is converted into electrical energy by a generator.

When the weather is stormy it is a tremendous experience to stand at a safe distance from the foaming waves studying the frenzied ocean.

See also my video from the hurricane at Kråkenes lighthouse; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN3DTTKX91s and the video from the storm Berit; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng7BNHbUYVg

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Svein-Magne Tunli
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