Off Grid Solar Hot Water Heater Project Using PV Panels With No Plumbing - The Easy Way

Going off grid with the Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller from TechLuck.com in a different configuration than normal. I also show a small tank that would be perfect for going off grid or using it as a hybrid since it has a lower and upper element. The heating elements on this tank are the standard 4500W 240V elements that come with the tank, they are not changed. The MPPT controller takes care of the differences.

More info on the controller and FAQ at:

Please see the previous videos on this device on my YouTube Channel if you don't already know what it is, the previous videos explain it more.

Do not try to connect your water heater directly to solar panels without this controller! People have tried and you will weld your thermostat contacts! The controller creates a AC pulse which is compatible with the AC thermostat contacts. If you want to see why, try disconnecting a set of 48V panels at the terminals sometime, it will throw plasma balls! This is why solar MC4 connectors say do not connect or disconnect them when the system is energized or under load.

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