Off Grid Solar Power System


We installed this off grid solar power system to power a 3 car garage off the grid. The system has been installed for a month without any problems. The system has not had much sun for about 2 weeks, so the battery's are a little low on charge. The next few days we will have sun and the battery's will have a full charge. The system seems to work ok without a week of no sun. The garage is only using the garage door openers and 3 outside LED lights daily. The lights are on a timmer and are only on from 5pm - 12am. We have had no problems with lack of sun, so the system will function even better in the summer. If you have any questions or would like us to install an off grid solar system in our service area please contact us at www.grewayelectric.com. We are located in Doylestown PA. We can assist in projects out of our service area but contact us for details. We can ship you parts to build a system of your own and help with questions and design of the off grid solar system. We can help with design of your off grid solar system too tie into your grid connected project, as a power back up system.
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