Off The Grid : My Solar Panel Setup (Solar Power) (DIY)

Welcome to Off the Grid the good the bad and the ugly. I am your host Denis Carriere and I will be sharing my 24 years of experience of being off the grid.
I live on the north shore of Lake Superior and have worked in the pulp and paper industry for years.

Through out this videos series I will discuss a wide range of off the grid solar power topics. From bad habits to energy efficient methods I will go through my trials and tribulations so you don't have to learn it the hard and expensive way. I just want to help you with your DIY solar projects.

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Topics that will be discussing includes: Solar Panels, Batteries, Cycling Power, Charge Controllers, Hot Water, Water Pumps, Refrigeration, Appliances, Ghost Loads, Leaks, Bad Habits, Circuits, Excess Power, Wind Energy.
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