Optimize Welding Output, Productivity and Flexibility with Miller Dual Operator Welder/Generator

The Big Blue® 800 Duo Pro Air Pak™ and Big Blue® 800 Duo Pro Diesel Welder/Generator deliver multiprocess and multioperator flexibility and improved weld control that increases arc quality and optimizes welding output, resulting in better welds on thicker material. Experience 800 amps of power for a single weld operator (400 amps each for two weld operators), or you can plug in additional inverters for a multioperator work platform. The machines allow users to weld and get three-phase power at the same time. You'll also see an estimated fuel savings of 34 percent with a dual-operator unit, compared to two single-operator machines. The Air Pak model's ultra-reliable, industrial rotary screw air compressor offers independent on/off control for applications not requiring compressed air, such as carbon arc gouging — allowing greater fuel savings and longer compressor service intervals. Stop by Miller booth 3586 in the Silver Lot at CONEXPO to check out the Big Blue line-up and visit these product pages for more information.
Big Blue 800 Duo Pro Air Pak: http://www.millerwelds.com/products/enginedriven/big_blue_air_pak/
Big Blue 800 Duo Pro: http://www.millerwelds.com/products/enginedriven/product.php?model=M00493
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