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The OxyDoser™ Pure - MicroBubble Generator is a revolutionary New Device to saturate Hydroponic Fluid. (888) HYDRO-57 OxyDoser.com

....because Airstones are Child's Play™

It uses a 50 psi water pump and integrates atmospheric air OR compressed oxygen into the water in the form of microbubbles.

This Video shows the device in a simplified display.

By using this device, you:

1. Save approximately $100's per year vs. standard air pumps.
2. Achieve greater Oxygen Saturation - Super Saturation if desired - in 1000's of gallons of fluid.
3. Reduce the required Nutrient Concentration.
4. Have no moving parts, except the water pump.
5. Can Achieve Greater Yeilds
6. Reduce the risk of Root Pathogens such as Pythium
7. Be Freaking Cutting Edge

We Also integrate this device into our own OD-DWC, OD-CLONE, and OD-NFT.

Then we bring our love of Oxygen to the Soil Grower with our OxyDoser™ Soils, integrating the best in Peat, Coco, Minerals, Guanos, Castings, Meals and our standard OxyDoser™ Blend of Perlite, Silica Rocks and RICE HULLS!

At this point you should have the N-P-K, even the C, it time to focus on having a Big O!
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