Paper battery

I'm made paper battery in new way. The paper is coated in Graphene particle. Then cost of paper is make with very very cheap. Then Graphene paper is joint the two electrodes,( the chemical energy is converted into electricity) electricity produced. It's also a super capacitor. I'm made another prototype in aluminium and graphite based cell is only 10sec charged and 5min discharging. So the paper future of renewable energy source. Single paper is 0.5volt produced. one square inch paper is 0.4 to1.2 milli amps produced. The energy is high storage density. The super capacitor type is 1.5volt is produced. Many persons made is same this paper for CNT Material. But the cost of CNT is 1gram is 200doller. So this is not good idea. Ok now I'm create this paper in nano particle ,the secret of formula is very cheap.......
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