Park Model RV Trailer Shipping Container House as a Home

http://www.kottagerv.com/features/ Park Model RV Trailer Shipping Container from BC Canada. This is new addition to the affordable green housing shelter market. Receive a Complimentary Report on Seven Must Ask Questions Before Purchasing Your Next Park Model RV and See How Kottage RV Compares...

1. What makes Kottage RV unique from other Park Models?

Kottage RV is made with solid steel shipping containers as its base structure with a Patent Pending Slide Out Technology which provides more living space.

2. What are Written Guarantees of Kottage RV?

Kottage RV is the first in the industry to offer a written 5 year "No leak Warranty" and an unprecedented 15 Year "Structural Warranty".

3. How does Kottage RV prevent rodents and other animals from getting inside the park model trailer?

Kottage RV is made out of solid steel structure, not one hole is put into the actual container structure itself except the windows and doors cutouts. In short, no rodents and other pesky animals would penetrate the wall of Kottage RV.
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