Parts of an Off-Grid Solar & Battery System explained by Iron Edison

Do you want to go off-grid? This video shows an introduction to the parts of a battery-based solar PV system. These systems can be configured in several ways: completely off-grid, grid-tied with battery backup, or grid-zero. The system shown here grid-zero, meaning solar and battery energy is prioritized for the home’s loads, and the grid is only used as a backup. This system can also push excess solar energy to the grid through a net metering agreement with the local utility.

Battery-based solar systems will operate with or without grid presence, while strictly grid-tied (battery-less) systems will not operate in a grid outage, due to NEC regulations and anti-islanding.

If you want to go off-grid, or provide backup power your home in a grid outage, you need a battery-based system.

Iron Edison’s team of system designers can help you figure out what size battery and solar PV system would meet your needs. Call us at 720-432-6433 or email Visit for more information.

Iron Edison offers Nickel Iron and Lithium Iron batteries for solar energy storage, along with complete solar energy system design services. Its team has designed thousands of off-grid and battery backup systems around the world using Nickel Iron or Lithium Iron battery types. Both Nickel Iron and Lithium Iron are longer lasting, more durable alternatives to traditional lead-acid batteries. Iron Edison is dedicated to educating people on the benefits of advanced battery technology.

Battery-based system diagram (shown in video):

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