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Paul Pantone is teaching classes for those becoming GEET Dealers. Contact or (580) 251-0651 for more information on GEET Dealership licensing. -
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French researchers Hypnow have reproduced and interesting proof of principle validating GEET potential. In the following video they reproduce the synthetic gas through a GEET Furnace. Using mainly water and a portion of petrol, they produced a flame from the gas which bends back toward the GEET Reactor when it turns blue.Learn to engineer the GEET device become a Licensed GEET Dealer
Email or use our contact pageGeely Scooter drives down the street running on GEETGEET student shows his GEET demo engine.ABC News covers GEET running on soda-pop at Exotic Research Converence 2000350 Chevy retrofit with GEET and a Wooden Carborator! Major French TV channel covers GEET car running on water and almost completely eliminating pollution, while adding oxygen to the air. See emissions read-outs starting at one minute, twenty-five seconds (1:25) into the video.

Network Television can be viewed on the GEET News & Articles page.Copyright 2010: GEET International InstituteFrench women implementing GEET win 4L Trophy Rally from France to MorracoClick here to see a SHIP retrofitted with GEET from French news television.Associated Press covers GEET running on Mountain Dew at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 2009 . CAAF Fuels have achieved with this bike 100 mpg and a top speed of around 40 mph. The GEET Dealers Association has many GEET applications like this one available for sale today!
visit our products page to see a full catalog of GEET products which are currently available.Welcome to GEET International Institute Educational Website! Explore...Discover...Kick off your Carbon Shoes!
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