Paul Pantone GEET Tornado Bubbler

This is my 2nd attempt at making Paul Pantone's Tornado Bubbler. When it is working well a whirlpool is supposed to form in the liquid in the bottom section that swirls strong enough to go down to the bottom. When Paul got the upper section swirling strong enough in one direction and the inner tube flow and bottom section swirling hard the other way then the liquid and vapours built up enough static that he saw little lightning sparks develop. It is somewhat similar to what happens in the water content of thunderclouds in as much as water, partially as gas and partially as liquid, develops electric charge in thunderclouds in association with changing phase.

I need to try it again with an engine sucking on it instead of a vacuum cleaner and maybe I can get higher level of vacuum so the water boils a little better and then I might see the electrostatics that Paul was seeing.

This bubbler should be more like this if I get it working:

Find out more about the GEET fuel reformer here:
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