Pellet Burner for Rugged Rocket Stove

This Rocket stove now works well on pellets, too! With the pellet hopper it can be safely left for 30-40 minutes before needing attention.

I've also added an oven with an internal rack for baking which seems to work quite well, as shown in the video. Not shown is the oven thermometer which I've since added.

To make it work on pellets, the wood grate needs to be swapped with the pellet hopper and a primary air guide plate inserted in the horizontal feed port. I light it by wetting a tuna can full of pellets with fuel alcohol, dumping them into the pellet hopper, then adding more pellets as needed. It lights pretty quickly with a match or lighter and burns hot and clean from the first.

Note that there are now two air ports, one on each feed hopper, and also a flue control in the chimney. On pellets, the lower air port effectively controls primary air and the upper port controls secondary air. On wood they only control primary air for their respective hopper.

I've included a clip at the end of generating steam with a pressure cooker while burning wood.

This stove has become very flexible in both fuel and application, and it burns hot and clean in all modes. I'm pretty happy with it!

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  • ahmed

    can we get building plans/sketches