Permanent Magnet Motor Used as a Pedal Power Bicycle Generator Dynamo

from http://pedalpowergenerator.com Pedal Power experiment conducted on the Leeson M1120046 DC permanent Magnet Motor to find out how fast a person needs to pedal to get 12 to 15 Votls DC output needed to charge lead acid deep cycle batteries or powerpack. Experiment performed by Brad at pedalpowergenerator.com This DIY video shows you how to create a DC Voltage output curve of the Leeson Model M1120046 permanent magnet DC motor used as a bicycle generator. Data is collected on a test fixture with a 1 horse power variable speed drive motor that simulates a person pedaling a bicycle at different speeds. The speed is measured by a tachometer and DC volt meter and then put into Microsoft excel to create a generator voltage output curve vs. pedal speed Miles per hour M.P.H.
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