Petition for Hydro Kinetic Energy

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This posting is geared to make people petition our government aware of the wasted opportunities our area has to offer. Buffalo and Western New York are located on the eastern end of Lake Erie. All the Great Lakes except one flow by our area and this narrow strait acts like a funnel increasing water pressure equaling in more water power. Yes we do capture this power at Niagara Falls, but why not utilize all twenty-five miles of 8 mph current with small anchored paddleboats using the same technology as wind turbine generators. These floating hydro-kinetic generators would be linked to the grid feeding clean electricity 24/7 365 days a year. This method could also be used along our nation's shorelines using "wave power".
Squandering our prime location cannot go on. This is our natural resource to use, not waste. Imagine the abundance that's waiting for the taking.

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