PGen 2.0 Pulse Train Generator Review. Used Primarily For Stan Meyer Pulse Train.

PGen 2.0 Pulse Train Generator Review.

Prices for the software:
€21 per channel
€21 for windows client user interface for windows

€42 Total for PGen 2.0 Pulse Train Generator 1 channel and interface for windows.

€21 = as of 9/17/14 is $27.21 US Dollar's ( just look at the exchange rate for updated USD Price )

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Sales information:

For forum members:

For non forum members:

Application information:

the PropStick micro controller you can get here:


or anywhere its cheap!

another even cheaper option:


the Parallax board designs are open source! YEAH

Buy Or Build A Simple Switch and your off!
Examples of switches:



or something as simple as a transistor or MOSFET. Its best to use an opt-isolator for protection.

PGen 2.0 technical details:

Parallax Propeller 8 core microcontroller at 80 MHz
0 – 100 KHz and 0 – 3 MHz frequency modes
Modular software and hardware design
4 channel system supporting phase shift lock between 4 channels
Phase shift between 0°and 359° relative to the master channel
3 channels pll support for gated pulse trains
pll phase lock between 10 and 170°
Full pulse control for frequency, duty cycle, repetitions and gating
Universal sweep function
Pulse train supportive timing information at the windows client interface
Trigger output signal per channel
Running on many Propeller microcontroller board platforms from the shelf
Software field update and upgrade features
Intuitive windows user interface
Customer support available
Free trial version at https://www.dropbox.com/s/np694ktvsqdjkt8/PGen_demo_e.pdf?dl=0
Facebook, Google+ channel Innovationsshop

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Gunther´s statement:
In 2010 I dedicated my work to the support of the alternative energy community. After watching the scene turning around in circles for years and years I discovered as a fundamental reason that there was a serious lack of powerful tools supporting creative ideas and community approaches.
I got the knowledge to build these tools and so I set up my company Innovationsshop in 2010 as a legal base for my earnings and I found a community home for my innovative ideas in 2011 at RWGesearch.com. Russ as the forum owner and the "man with the hat" made a difference from the very beginning with his videos, his interactive and event orientated approach and so did I developing and offering supportive products at reasonable prices.

What does it need for a breaktru result we are looking forward to make?

Creative, motivated and active community members, trustful and smart communication, cross-deparmental competence, cooperation, time, money and tools.
Everyone knows „There is no such thing as a free lunch.“ and we see that we are a vital community of various interests and knowledge. So there are some who can build, there are some who can create ideas and brainstorm and there are others who can afford to buy tools to perform their experiments.

Nobody would try to cut a steak using a blunt knife and it´s the same for a tool. Better buy a good one instead of using something inadequate and fail. Getting these good tools as a starter is never for free because manmade products can´t fulfill everyone´s obvious expectations as there are growth, health, self-preservation and free resources as Mother nature can do with ease for us every day …

But good tools and our creative ideas can blase the trail to Mother nature´s ressources like energy and food. Overcoming manmade limitations and participating in Thrive is our Prime Directive.

PGen 2.0 pulse generator is a lab software application based on a powerful microcontroller platform. Over time it will migrate into a mature process control system and you won´t have to throw away anything. PGen 2.0 is your very first tool at your new virtual workbench.

Buying PGen 2.0 pulse generator and "liking" and "+1" are your ways to support this virtual workbench approach.

Thank you, Russ, for giving room for my PGen 2.0 pulse generator promotion!


Gunther Rattay
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