Piezoelectric Tiles: Research Project

The aim of the current generation must be to provide the global community a sustainable environment and a future without power cuts. Abiding by the adage above, I from St.Columba’s School present to you an innovation which will harness the waste mechanical stress generated around us and hence produce electrical energy.
The concept of piezoelectricity derives its essence from the Greek work ‘Piezo’ .i.e. ‘to press’. Hence, piezoelectricity directly refers to the electricity generated from applied stress and pressure. Some examples of piezoelectric materials are Lead Titanate, Quartz and Topaz.
In a solid particle charges are arranged in a random manner, such that the net electric dipole moment is zero. However, on application of stress, the positive and negative particles get accumulated at the opposite ends of particle leading to the formation of a potential difference between the two charged surfaces.
Our tile comprises of a series- parallel connection of piezoelectric transducers connected to the electrical appliance via a rectifier. The series-parallel combination not only reduces the net resistance offered by the circuit but also provides an equally good voltage and current ratio. Whereas, the rectifier stabilises the alternating current to direct current; this can be further used by the appliance. Two wooden planks cover the circuit from the bottom and top with the help of cork stacks which concentrate the maximum pressure by the footstep on the piezoelectric tile.
With the dependency of the Indian Subcontinent on thermal energy for 66% of its electricity consumption, the steady decline in the non-renewable sources of energy is evident. The human populace is stranded to ponder over the clichéd renewable sources of energy; however, reliance on weather conditions, toxic emissions and an inefficient output has led to the downfall of these renewable sources of energy such as Solar Power, Wind Power, Biomass and Hydro energy.
The solution to the extravagant problem of power shortage is “THE PIEZOELECTRIC TILE”, which not only increases the electricity production but also provides one with an instant personalised power generating source. With an efficiency of 70%, the piezoelectric tile is independent of the weather forecast for that day. Unlike the air, water and land pollution caused by solar, hydro and biomass generation respectively, piezoelectric tile does not lead to any kind of pollution neither does it cause any harm to the surroundings. With all its apparatus lying under the ground, the piezoelectric tile instead of removing people from an area, asks more populace to join in. Like the benefits provided to the environment weren’t enough, the tile also improves the bio-electric functions of the body and normalises the electrical nature of the red blood cells, henceforth improving circulation in the body. Hence piezoelectricity can be used as a competent source of energy without fettering our environment or our health.
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