Plasma Reactor.wmv

After watching many Videos on Cold Fusion. Low energy Nuclear reactors. I wanted to build one for myself. After many many different protos. Titaniun anodes, tungsten anoides. Pallidium Cathodes tungsten Cathodes. Wire, Rods and foil. Koh, KCI, K2co3. I've gotten some really strange results. Gets really weird when I connect the Anoide to an Earth Ground. Yes I said the Anoid to a earth ground. disconnect the wire off the + side of Bridge Rectifier completly. And only use the Neg. side to the Cathode. It uses the Neg potential of the Neg bridge line to pull the Pos. Voltage threw the ground rod out side. Thats not all. It would also work from the radiant energy from a metal cart close to the transformer. It gets strainger yet . I can connect a 128 VDC servo motor to it . POsitive wire to the EARTH ground and NEGative wire to the Cathode. Yes Negative side of the FWB going to Cathode. This is so Awsome. I even went as far as running an earth ground to the Positive side of 3 12v batterys, running a wire from Battery negitive to the Anode. Not only did the reactor cell still create Plasma It brought up the voltage on all 3 batterys from 10.6 volts to 12.89 not harming them or over charging them. Hope you like the Video Its my first one ever. Mr. Randy
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