Pleasant Valley Energy, LLC International "Joe Dome" Project

Innovative Self-Sustaining International RE Educational Project; Interview on Newsmax T.V. ( Presented at United Nations Summit on 25 Sep 2015. Project supports Women & Orphaned Children. Presented project to National Defense University (Students/Faculty/Staff) Washington, D.C. 25 Feb 2015. Classified FEMA "Near Absolute" EVAC structure. Wind Turbine Test 3 Dec 2013: [] Structures bullet proof testing: [] "Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diodes"-OLED [], Fly-wheel Energy Storage, Compressed Air Energy Storage, Organic Farming, Monolithic RE "JOE Dome" Dome Design, "Self-Sustaining Renewable Energy". For Info- Contact Dr. Uwa Osimiri (Chancelor of Chiist University/President AWEC & "International Project Manager") at: (***A Living, Breathing, Self -Sustaining Architectural Design****. Energy Storage (Compressed Air & Carbon Fiber Fly Wheel Energy Storage Systems-[]. Large Scale Energy Storage Info: [] Monolithic Dome Design is beneficial for disaster prone areas effected by extreme weather, earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, fire. U.S. & International Provisional Patent Held by: LCDR Charles (Joe) Byers USN (Ret). Joe Dome - Design Benefits: []
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