Portable SOLAR PANEL SETUP for CAMPING or Caravan with Battery, Power Battery Box and Power Inverter

I'm going to show you how a portable Solar Panel Setup works!
It's Camping time and I don't know about you but we like to take our portable devices and if you have no power it's impossible to charge your iPhone, iPad, Nintendo DS, Laptop etc.

This setup will solve your problem, it's easy to setup and easy to use. You can also run a led light, portable fridge or TV if you like.

In this Video:

140w Maxray portable briefcase style Solar Panel purchased on eBay
100Ah Deep Cycle Battery
Power Battery Box
600w pure sine Power Inverter also purchased on eBay

This whole setup cost approximately au$600

Remember it's about JustGivingITaGO! So Good Luck! and I hope this video helps you in some way.

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