Pouring molten aluminum into a pool!!

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A lot of people are complaining about that underwater view, and I feel bad about it... So I bought a GoPro 4 BLACK! be sure to subscribe, because a Im posting a new video on this in a week!

What can i do with molten aluminum, pour it into anthills maybe.. In this video I pour over 5 POUNDS of red-hot molten aluminum metal into a pool. The metal makes a crazy noise and remains molten all the way to the bottom of a 6 foot deep pool.

melt aluminum molten aluminum
I get a lot of hate for the underwater view. The camera was a GoPro HD2. Factors which made the video blurry : Early GoPro models were not suited well for underwater.. The lens is slightly curved, always causing blurry video. The pool was cold, causing condensation to form inside the case. My pool was kind of dirty. Also I never expected this video to become so popular.

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