Powerwall packs DESTROYED! KABOOM!

KABOOM! Yes that's how 18650 cells sound when something goes wrong!

Cells used: Fully charged. All measured more than 1500mAh. All same brand except 1 cell.

Good article on how/when/why it could happen:

I take a quick look in this video how and what happens when cells gets to hot.
I'm using a heat gun to start the process but in general this could happen just by charging them wrong or just drawing to much current out of the cells!!

This is why its SO DAMN important to not stress the cells to much and keep them cold. If you got cells that go to 60+C on 1A rate... THEN DONT use those cells at 2Amp!!

With that said its no big issue if you just make sure to keep them in specific limits.

But how do manage it if above cells blow?
Stay tuned for an up coming video!!

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