PriCharge: A Portable Energy Storage System

The PriCharge mobile energy storage system was developed for Dr. Dariush Rafinejad's Fall 2011 Sustainable Products and Services class at Presidio Graduate School.

The PriCharge mobile energy storage system provides a highly functional and sustainable product design that addresses the power needs of today's car camping community. The aim of this product is to capitalize on a waste stream that can provide an accessible, reliable and cost-effective material source. The growing market share of hybrid electric vehicles and the resulting increase in discarded hybrid batteries represent an exciting opportunity. These batteries are typically sent straight to the recycling center. Research confirms that a large portion of these used hybrid batteries still have considerable energy storage potential remaining for non-automotive applications.

The PriCharge Team: Allan Enemark, Julien Gervreau, Aaron Israel, James Parle, Chad Reese

Special thanks to Luscious Garage.
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