Project Mc² | McKeyla McAlister Glitter Light Bulb Experiment + Doll | Cast Unboxing: Mika Abdalla

Now you can perform the glitter light bulb experiment at home with Project Mc² leader, McKeyla McAlister. Mika Abdalla (that's McKeyla McAlister!) unboxes her Glitter Light Bulb experiment and new doll. Make your own glitter globe light again and again using safe household ingredients like water, glitter and glycerine.

Picking Up S.T.E.A.M.

Most people know that wires conduct electricity, but did you know that tap water can as well? To turn on the light, you need electricity to flow from the battery to the light and back -- a complete circuit. Turning the bulb right side up allows electricity to flow through the water and reach the light. You add glycerine because it thickens the water, making it more like syrup. Now, the glitter will fall slower.

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