Pt 2 First Ultrasonic Gasoline Vapor 7000 Watt Generator Run

I am demonstrating the ultrasonic gasoline white fog vapor carburetor on a 7000 Watt generator for the first time without the proper control valves controlling the intake air supply and the gasoline white fog vapors. As you notice in the video we had a lot of air leaks that were leaking around the plastic air filter housing interfering with our control valve controlling intake air. We did not have any control valve controlling the fuel mixture from the gasoline white fog carburetor system. What you are viewing on video is the first time we did it and you were to view it for the first time like we were seeing it for the first time. There was no other practice run this was the actual first test captured on video presented to the public as is. I am an individual that do not put out a video purposely deceiving the public to make it out to be what it is not to be. My video presentations are accurate and precise to the point without any camera tricks. If you are standing here in person you were seeing as I would be doing it to verify the video is accurate as you see it. There's many people out there that do videos and there is a lot of cut and pasting to deceive the public to make it look like it's doing what it is not doing. We HHO Gas Technology do not do that in our video presentations. If something's going to explode it happens. We at HHO Gas Technology believe in team concept and R&D development so that we are all consumers today of a real device that actually works that benefits everybody.
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