Pt.2 of 2 Ultrasonic Gasoline & Water Vapor Fog

This Is My First Test Setting up a Vapor Carburetor. On the ultrasonic unit you have to cut the sensor and ground out one side to the housing for continuous run or it will not work in gasoline. If you ground out the wrong wire nothing will happen or damage unit. There's only two wires to choose from when you find a right wire it will continuously run. Make sure you do not run it outside of the fluids or you will burn the ultrasonic unit up. This is my first test setting up and visualizing the possibilities of the ultrasonic vapor carburetor that can work on many different kinds engines from small engines to diesel engines. If you are experimenting with the this type of technology using gasoline. Make sure you understand the dangers of the flammable liquid and do it outside with plenty of space if there is a flashback that occurs during your testing. Do Not Do It in a Garage Or Any Enclosed Space.
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