Pulse Motor and Two Transistor Circuit

Hint: Stop the video (start - stop button, lower left corner of the video) whenever you want to look at a circuit diagram or a photo for a longer time than provided for in the video.

Acknowledgement: YouTube user DadHav posted a video with the title "1 Coil Brushless Motor Driver (Multi Phase)", see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8b4xlCKn3LQ . The circuit shown in this video is essentially the circuit shown by DadHav. YouTube user Lidmotor posted a video with the titel "Electronic Paper Clip Motor ---- Boxed", see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epWPTeV_544 . The same transistors are used as by Lidmotor.

Description: The video shows a little pulse motor. The rotor has 6 magnets. The six drive coils push the rotor whenever a magnet passes by a coil.

The drive circuit is interesting because the six drive coils also act as a trigger via the second transistor (2N3906).

The power consumption of the drive circuit is low, less than 200 µA with a 1.5 Volt AAA battery. The rotor turns at about 120 revolutions per minute (~ 120 rpm).

Power consumption: 2V -- 800 µA, 3 V -- 2 mA, 5 V -- 4.3 mA (higher supply Voltage - the rotor turns faster).
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