Put a fuel vaporizer on Your Moped

A simple tutorial to put a fuel vaporizer on your moped.

Items for the Mod:

1.) a heavy industrial magnet
2.) a small glass jar with 2 tubes
3.) a 4 watt 12volt light bulb with housing and wireleads
4.) 2 plastic tubes, small straws
5.) a drill, duct tape, tiestraps, rubberbands, a small cloth

-Put 2 of your tubes inside the container after drilling it. Not a bubbler, do not submerge tubes into gas. Will block current flow.
-Drill and make a secure housing for the 12volt lightbulb ie no wiring should be exposed, ceramic or fiberglass glue works best for this method.
-Drill a small hole in the airintake. Push the straw through the hole, and lead it into the cabin.
-Make a plastic cap to secure the straw tightly with the tube. The straw controls air fuel ratio.
-Tape the glass jar in the cabin, lead the other tube to the stator. Tiestrap it to the stator's grill. Cover that end with a small cloth, and secure with a rubber band. That is your airfilter.
-Place the heavy magnet on your motor's chamber.

Not a bubbler, works in cold and hot weather.
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