QPTool - Swell Process Simulator (CUDA, OpenGL, GPU)

QPTool is a swell process simulator (german: Quellprozess) with "bubbles" and glass fibers, running the simulation and visual computation completely on GPU. The video demonstrates some features from version 0.9.8.

The swelling process is driven by 'expanding' hydrogen gas bubbles within the fluid concrete. It is a part of the production process of the AAC, a really versatile, lightweight, cheap precast building material. That hydrogen gas is triggered by a really small amount of aluminium powder in the raw mix. The gas can escape later and in the end the pores contains just air.

To improve the properties of the AAC, (alkali-resistant) glass fibers will be added to the raw mix. The swelling process will distribute the fibers. The simulation helps to understand the movements and directions of the fibers from beginning to the end of the whole swelling process.

The project is running at the IKGB Department of the University of Freiberg (East Germany). I have been working mostly on my own, doing this besides of my master study for one year and it makes a lot of fun.


PS: current version is v1.0.3, but due to the work on my master thesis, I haven't found the time for making up a free release version. If you are interested, contact me to give this a higher priority on my todo list ;)

(Video is recorded with Camstudio.)
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