Rammed Earth Workshop

University of Westminster Play Week Rammed Earth Workshop.

The aim of the project was to promote and educate ourselves and others in the use of sustainable natural building materials, in this case rammed earth (with addition of straw and wood), in a fun and practical way.

Therefore, it was an opportunity to document and disseminate the construction methods, processes and research involved in creating rammed earth structures. All of the gathered information was displayed during the exhibition in the form of visual info graphics and a movie that told the story of the cubes and the process of creating them; from images of students testing mixes and timber form work through to constructing the cubes. We had a unique chance to overcome some obstacles (for example lack of clay which was altered with lime), learn about the proportions of mixes, ramming process and many more.

As a final result we managed to build 4 cubes - wooden, straw and 2 rammed ones. The exhibition showed not only rammed earth construction in practice but also present an opportunity for fellow students to research and learn construction techniques from a practical perspective, whilst getting their hands dirty!!
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