Rangkaian Joule Thief 0.5 Watt HPL

Joule Thief 0.5 Watt HPL
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I want go to show you how to make a "Joule Thief"
the LED's need 3 Volt for light ( 2 Battery )...

but the "Joule Thief" can made LED's very bright light with only 1 Battery! (1,5 Volt DC Only)
and "Joule Thief" can made LED's light with "dead battery". hmm save money.. it can run in so so long time (i tried it)
it can run around 2-3 days!!!! (you can try it).
its VERY SMALL AND VERY CUTE lol. and that's a magic of the Joule Thief :D FOR THE FUTURE!!!

How to make a Joule Thief Circuit Explained
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