Real or Fake Hover Board Proof World First Exposed

Riding the first real hover board. Proof, is it real or fake?
Hoverboards hoaxes exposed.

Did we just wake up in Back to the futures version of 2015?
Is this a real hover board or just yet another viral marketing campaign!

A friend sent me this image with no explanation other than to say Biff was wrong about hover boards and water.
It appears to be of a man hovering in the air over what looks like a lake.
We've all seen something similar come across our Facebook or Twitter pages in the past, but they have proven to be either faked for fun, or profit!

Do I need to say it... yes I do.
Is there anything more important than the world's top scientists creating a real working viable model of a hover board?
So its investigation time!
As a minor league youtuber hoping to some day go pro, sitting in my boxers making this video, there is absolutely nothing more important that I can think of outside of this....
(picture of family)
I have questions, at least 3 of them....
#1 Is it another viral video and how can I get one.
#2 Is this for freakin' real and how can I get one.
#3 I have a skateboard and some box fans, how can I make one?
Viral videos have been all the rage since the World War II STD films....
And stories about hover boards have been circulating the internet since 1994 which surprises me, because I thought the only thing existing on the internet back then was porn and racists.

The legend was attributed to the release of the movie Back To The Future II where our hero Marty McFly escapes his arch nemesis Bif on a pink hover board.
According to the legend, this was not just a prop, or special effects, but a toy company had actually developed a working model, but someone had been either killed or severly injured, thus keeping them from ever hitting the toy store shelves.
“will someone please think of the children!”

Then again in March of 2014 a company called HUVr claimed to have finally figured out the science behind hover technology. They released a series of videos narrated by BTF star Christopher Lloyd and starring notable celebrities like Tony Hawk as espousing the amazing experiences they had on the “real life” hover board.

But it too was just a hoax created by the funky minds behind Funny or Die...
So yeah, this could be another viral video.


I dragged this image over into Google images to see what else popped up and lo and behold a number of articles....and they were from...real news sites.


No DIY Plans found on google yet...

But to answer the biggest question of all, is this for real or just another attempt at creating a viral video.

Opp 1
Well according to the Guinness Book of World Records this is not a hoax!
Ear Muffs Please...

On May 22, 2015 Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru broke the Guiness World Records Title for the Farthest Journey by hover board.

This according to Duru is the first real-life hover board.

This is a real working prototype that he flew over Lake Quareau in Quebec for a whopping 905.2 inches (275.9m) and is controlled Green Goblin style by shifting his body weight back and forth.

So yes it is real, and once gain can I get one?

According to Catalin there is no word on when or if the device will ever make it to market.

Son of a

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